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Here at Unilogistics Global Express, we can deliver anything for any Customer, to and from anywhere on this planet. Every day, our employees bring the world together, united by one common purpose: “Connecting people, improving lives.” We don’t just do this somehow, but in a sustainable way. Clearly, sustainability is much more than environmental protection or volunteering. It is about creating long-term value for business and society. At Unilogistics Global Express, we take this commitment very seriously. That is why sustainability is now part of our mission, which we want to fulfill by becoming Employer, Provider, and Investment of Choice – in a sustainable way.

Our Vision


A Giant Leap in the History of Logistics

We have always been revolutionizing, shaping, and simplifying the world of logistics. From inventing the international air express industry to becoming the world’s leading logistics company; we’re thinkers, makers and pioneers that constantly challenge what’s possible. And now we’re tackling the ultimate border: delivering to the moon.


A Breakthrough Idea: Unilogistics Creates the International Air Express Industry

Just months after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in 1969, Adrian Dalsey, Their simple, yet groundbreaking idea was to deliver shipping documents by air, so they would arrive at customs before the freight itself. This saved shipping companies days or even weeks – and DHL had just invented the international air express industry.


Becoming the World's Largest Logistics Company

Soon after its formation, Unilogistics enjoyed rapid growth around the globe. Today, Unilogistics is the world’s largest logistics company with over 380,000 employees and offices in over 220 countries and territories.